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3 major reasons to cut your hair

By September 21, 2017 Hair inspirations, Jules Hair advice

3 Major reasons to cut your hair

One of the questions I most often get asked as a Hairstylist is…. Drumroll please….

Should I cut my hair?

My response is almost always if not always:

Yes you should cut your hair!

Here are 3 major reason why you should cut your hair:

#1. Change is natural.  To cut your hair one thing that you can change as often as the seasons ( or more ) to bring a new freshness in your life.  Nature changes so why not you?

#2. Courage takes practice.  No one is born with an infinite amount of courage.  Those who lean into fear learn over and over that change is worth practicing.  All the jitters are worth the doors that open when you take those leaps.   What if you hate your new cut? What if you look like you’re 15 instead of 35?  Well, you never really know those outcomes until you try.  Let that hair fall and try something knew!  It just may be the change you need in your life to welcome new experiences!  I love the website and Blog from Hairstory .  Classy images of what cutting and coloring your hair can do by accentuating a haircut tailored to your face.   I love these looks on these women!  Beautiful cuts

#3 You deserve it.  How long has it been since you treated yourself to a fabulous haircut by a experienced Hairstylist?  If it’s been longer than you put off going to the Dentist.  Now is the time my friend!  Look in your local listings and find a top rated Hairstylist in your area and BOOK with them.  Grab some ideas from Pinterest and GO. That’s an order! ( A nice order that is )

That is all my friends!  I’ll keep this short and sweet today!  Go Go Gadget YES! You should cut your hair! ( Anyone under the age of 30 may not understand that reference:)

xoxo- Jules

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Why comparing hair texture to fabric can help you.

By September 18, 2017 Hair Trends and Hot topics

Good hair, bad hair, shiny hair, kinky hair, straight, wavy, textured, and everything in between.  Hair is a fabric and if we thought more of it this way, we would know exactly how to deal with it.  There is no such thing as Good hair or bad hair.  Just like there is no such thing as a good or bad fabric.  There are fabrics that are better than others but each and every fabric serves a purpose and, in the case, for hair- your hair fabric can be manipulated, transformed, and improved by knowing your personal fabrics limits and it’s infinite possibilities.

Without getting too descriptive about “fabric” let’s just use good ol’ cotton as an example.  Each and every one of us has a hair texture that falls into a “catergory”  fine, weak, limp, thick, textured, highly textured, damaged, coarse, curly etc etc.  If we use cotton as our baseline we can say that cotton fabric has the ability to stretch, to shrink, to get holes in it, to feel soft or coarse depending on how you wash it and what product you use on it right? Linen. Same.  It is expected to wrinkle but we also know how to make it crisp and wrinkle free as well.  Same as your hair.  Once you let go of the idea that you have good or bad hair, and start thinking in terms of “fabric” you are more than half way to whatever kind of hair you want.  The reality is, if you know what you have you can transform what ya got.  You know your personal fabric’s limits and expectations. What it can or cannot do and what products will help our fabric perform.  It’s that simple.

I am not one to drill a point to the point of no return so I am going to let this sink in.  Know your hair fabric.  If you don’t know ask your hairstylist.  If your hairstylist doesn’t know, get a new hairstylist.  There is literally a product for EVERYONE.  If you have damage, there is a product to heal it.  If you have curly hair that is unmanageable there is a product or service that can straighten and tame it.  If you have limp fine hair, there are products and techniques that can plump and thicken.  Like the finest lace, there is a way to secure it’s future with care and knowledge so that it will last the long haul.  I will post some of my favorites but in the meantime.  Get to know your “fabric” and stop saying good or bad when it comes to hair.  Fabric is fabric.  xoxo- Jules

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Oscar hair trends 2017

By February 24, 2017 Hair inspirations, Hair Trends and Hot topics

The glitz and glamour of the divine Oscars are approaching for 2017! What do the Oscar hair trends 2017 Mean for you? We will get into that shortly but first let me tell you what they mean to me.

The Oscars are the one event that brings the couture trends down to the earthly level and allows them to be accessible to us all. In other words what you see on the red carpet at the Oscars in terms of hair, make-up, accessories, and fabrics are generally what you are going to see in the here and now of 2017. It is a fabulous place to gather ideas for your upcoming year and plan some changes to your looks for the seasons ( I firmly believe in 4 distinct changes for each season- but even subtle changes are a start!). Here are a few things to look for on the red carpet– I’m not talking about up-do’s and formal hair- look for color, textures, cuts, and accessories! Drummmm rolllllllll ! Read More

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Why you should know Vidal Sassoon

By February 17, 2017 Hair inspirations

As far as inspirations go Vidal Sassoon is up there in my top ten people to know. You do not need to be a hairstylist or even care much about hair to be inspired by Vidal. I will break it down on the top ten reasons Why you should know Vidal Sassoon.

1. Vidal was credited for creating the wedge bob haircut. One of the most widely sd styles that is still used today.

2. He changed how hair was worn as we know it today. Sassoon studied under the flamboyant Raymond Bessund who set and styled hair as did everyone to be worn as a nice a week style. Sassoon rejected this style of hair and created wha t we now know as “wash and wear” hair. No longer were there weekly appointments, now you could wait a month! Thank you Vidal!

3. In the 60’s Sassoon’s cuts were as popular as the mini skirt. Angular,geometric cuts were the rage an we owe that homage to Vidal!

4. Mia Farrow famously got her hair cut by Sassoon for the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”. Her new chic pixie crop was very “in” and was even quoted in the movie when Farrow’s character says ” It’s Vidal Sassoon. It’s very in.”

5. Sassoon was an avid fan of architecture and all his haircuts were based on inspirations of geometric shapes and techniques he created because of his love of Bauhaus architecture.

6. Coined the now famous and everlasting Vidal Sassoon slogan
“If you don’t look good, we don’t look good”

Need I say more?

There are many stylists that still follow his techniques and philosophy! Make sure to ask your hairstylist if they trained in a “Sassoon” way if you want precision!

Xoxo- Jules

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Know the term “Break the base”

By February 6, 2017 Jules Hair advice

The next time you are at the hair salon, whether it is mine or wherever you are from, you need to Know the term Break the base
Break the base
This is a term that us hair professionals use when it comes to softening or smudging your root area to one level lighter when we do highlights. Your root area will not look extra dark and contrast drastically with your lighter highlights. It is a beautiful look if done correctly. If your hairstylist does not know this term then I would probably not entrust them with doing advanced coloring techniques.
Break the base before and after
Breaking the base does not always have to be done, but if you are showing roots in a few weeks or are particularly dark OR wanting highlights that are more than 3 levels lighter than your natural hair I would highly advises extending your highlight application and Break the base. It not only softens the root growth but it looks beautifully soft instead of harsh against all skin types.

*** Warning***. Some hairdressers that are not well versed in this technique can use a base breaker that makes the root unusually warm. Make surer you are going to a color specialist or professional that understands this so that you do not get unwanted warmth at your roots!

Next time you are at the salon- go ahead- shock your hairstylist and Know the term Break the base !

Xoxo – Your Online and in salon stylist Jules

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Must have products for thinning hair

By February 6, 2017 Hair product must haves

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Many of you know I have been in this hair industry over 20 years. Products come and go but some are worthy enough to be a must have! I have discovered a product for both men and women equallly that definitely is a Must have product for thinning or thin hair
Toppik Is a lifesaver for literally anyone who is either currently thinking, already thin, suffering from slope is, or just baby fine hair that look see through in daylight. Toppik is a hair fiber that is made of of Keratin which is what our actual hair protein is made out of. These fibers stick to even the finest of hair and creates a thickness and opaque look to the follicles to provide almost complete coverage. I have used this on both men and woman of all ages. Great for photo shoots- covering unsightly parts in hair braids, see through patches in scalps and overall protection against the embarrassment of feeling like your hair is not there! I have tried other hair fibers but none work as well and with great colors to blend perfectly with most hair colors! Try it out and see for yourself- this product is a must have for everyone! (Unless you have thick hair already and in that case …. you lucky duck!”

What is a Balayage

By February 5, 2017 Jules Hair advice

With all the new hair trends that have come out in the last decade nothing has been more popular than the technique of the Balayage. So What is a Balayage?

Balayage is the French word for “scanning or sweeping” which in terms of hair means “hand-painted”. This is a free form technique that the places the highlights or color creating a much more natural look than foiling or chinking highlights into the hair. This technique requires a lot of skill and vision from the stylist and is a beautiful way to accentuate any hairstyle. Balayage is vastly becoming the new way to highlight or color hair period. The old look of stripes and chunky placement of color just may forever be replaced by this delicious technique. The options are endless and finding a hairstylist who really understands this technique is a must. It may look easy to do yourself but I can assure you that you will want a professional to apply this technique or you could end up looking like an cheetah and not in a good way!
So the next time someone asks What is a Balayage You can sound like a pro from here on out!
-xoxo- Jules

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Get rid of tangled hair for GOOD

By February 2, 2017 Jules Hair advice

I have always struggled with tangles. Today’s post is all about how to Get rid of tangled hair for GOOD.

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Think you are too old for fun color? Think again!

By April 3, 2016 Hair inspirations

It all started from watching a tremendous documentary called Advanced Style. A select handful of 80 and above fashionistas were profiled for their love of fashion and the courage to be a standout out in any crowd they were in. Not only was their attire fun, sometimes flamboyant, and eccentric but their hair was colorful and full of life.
Why must we go blah colors as we get older? Many of my clients think they are simply too old to carry off the exciting styles and colors of today’s trends but it is utter nonsense! The older we are the more free we become, unhinged from societies rules and able to experience the true richness of life. Recently I took my own Mom from a basic color to a fun Blue/silver and she has since ventured off to a pixie cut and purple! The compliments and the fun she is having with her hair are truly the mark of the new age. Enjoy life and love it with color!

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